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QT is a technology focused IT company that helps its clients building up their business and realizing their market vision.

We develop and re-engineer multiple solution components in the web, mobile, and data processing for digital marketing products, we develop enterprise technology management solutions in multiple areas, like app virtualization, cloud orchestration, Mobile Device Management, etc.

We design and build viable platforms for your business in Software Development, Web Design & Development, E-Commerce, Mobile Apps, Internet Marketing, and then work with you for your own site using a range of proven methods.

We are an expert team of designers, web developers, and real world marketers. We design and build web, social, mobile apps for businesspersons, entrepreneurs, amateur companies, mid-sized companies and enterprises.

Quad Technology Partnership, Proven Methods & Powerful Insight

There’s a reason why emerging corporations and Fortune 500 companies have chosen Quad Technology as their preferred IT talent acquisition form. We’re founded on the principle that our clients are our partners. That notion affects everything we do and allows for intimate alignment—we’re able to be active listeners and trusted advisors. Combine a proactive, strategic approach with our deep knowledge of the industry and you’ll discover the Quad Technology difference.

Work with us as a client and you’ll benefit from a cherry-picked pool of potential employees (thanks to our topgrading methodology of candidate selection) that ensures an experienced IT professional is at hand, no matter how immediate the need. We implement the latest technology to create a seamless, streamlined and expedited job fulfillment.

Work with us as an IT professional and explore a career with some of the most exciting emerging companies and highest caliber corporations there are. Our skilled recruiters are dedicated to making your job search as effortless as possible and providing you with enviable work opportunities.

Led by an experienced team headed by the best and brightest in IT recruiting, Quad Technology has evolved from a full lifecycle IT product and services firm into a top provider of IT recruiting and staffing solutions that matches clients and candidates with remarkable success and satisfaction.


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